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Automated Tipper Control System

Product Description:
Dolphin's Tipper system replaces conventional overhead crane tipping of cages by uploading Sterilized Fruit Bunches(SFB) from cages onto SFB conveyor. The system operates based on and automatic preset tipping sequence. The Tipper System is linked with SFB conveyor to control the feed rate of the SFB bunches from Sterilizer cages to SFB conveyor.
Dual Tipping Speed Control
Dual speed control allows high and low speed regulated tipping reduce tension on chain due to jerking effect.
Programmable Tipping Sequence
The system provides 4 programmable tipping orientations. Each set consist of 8 configurable steps for tipping position and delay interval.
Hydraulic Drive
A heavy duty hybrid hydraulic motor and gearbox hearer is used to accommodate bi-directional tipping. The hydraulic motors easily cater for the high initial torque and frequent start-stop Linear cycles. Increment speed control is designed to reduce tension and shock to the chain. The integrated counter balance valve ensures tipper balancing and the ability to easily hold any rotation position for any period of time.
Interactive Human Machine Interface(HMI) Device
The interactive touch screen HMI offers fast and easy setting and configuration, graphical system monitoring and informatics reporting and viewing.
Hydraulic Leakage Detector
The hydraulic power pack is equipped with a leakage detector to detect the level of hydraulic fluid in the power pack and to monitor the over flow. Alarms will sound when sudden leakage or progressive leakage and /or an over flow of hydraulic fluid is detected.
Sequence Interlocking System
The operation is interlocking with upstream and down stream processes to prevent unsafe operation.
Redundancy System
The Tipper System is integrated with redundancy system override to provide for switching to manual operation as a backup system in the event of electronic malfunction. This further underwrites the reliability and up-time of the system.
  Offer fast and smooth SFB discharges from cages to SFB conveyor.
  Reduces operator workload and dependence.
  Constant SFB feeding to downstream processes.

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