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Dolphin Intelligent Screw Press Control System(DISS)

Product Description:
Dolphin Intelligent Screw Press Control System(DISS) is an advanced fully automated closed loop control system to ensure continous screw press operation. DISS offers a precise and fast reaction for pressing cone position and digital control. The system is built on highly reliable and responsive digital hardware. It is suitable for all continous Screw Press types and sizes.
Digital Motor Overload Protection System
Continous feedback of measured screw motor current from closed loop control system provides instantaneous interruption to the motor current in the event of overload due to any small spike in the current in just a fraction of a second. DISS offers a more practical solution to motor overload protection compared to much slower thermal overload systems.
The trending application in DISS allows the monitoring of the screw press motor current over a period of time. Real time values are updated dynamically as a point is scanned and historical data collected. This data is used to show the proportion of every motor current value captured into several identified ranges. A statistical review of tabulated frequencies in the form of a histogram allows the user to verify if the optimum pressing current falls in the highest frequency category.
Historical Alarm & Event Summary
DISS Historical Alarm and Event Summary provides an on-screen review if alarm and events stored in the historical alarm memory. It allows the viewing of the past operation conditions such as overload tripping disruption and operation changes based on event time and event capture data.
Multi-language Support
DISS offers multi-language support for operation control console and operation user manual.
Three Pressing Amperes Setting
Three(3) pressing ampere settings i.e High-Medium-Low, provide precise pressing control. The pressing ampere will be controlled within the range of High and Low, and intends to maintain the pressing ampere at Medium, the optimum point. Since the pressing is controlled within a tight High to Low current position which tends to settle more towards the Medium range DISS guarantees optimum oil extraction. The pressing cone will stay at the position where the Medium Setting has been achieved. The longer pressing cone stays at the Medium Setting the more effective pressing activity.
Historical Reporting System
DISS includes historical reporting function for production monitoring. The historical report includes: operating setting record, user login record, operating ampere historigram, and motor tripping recording.
Multi Level User Access
The system is designed for multi level user access and password protection to prevent unauthorized system access. The system provides for two(2) levels of user access, namely; Administration/Engineer, and Operations authorised personnel.
Redundancy system
DISS is integrated with redundancy system override to provide for switching to manual operation as a backup system in the event of electronic malfunction. This further underwrites the reliability and uptime of the system.
  Maximize recovery due to more accurate pressing pressure control.
  Reduces down time with Digital Overload System(DOS)
  Reduces man power as the system provides for total automated motion and motion control.

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