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Silo & Hopper Weighing System

Product Description:
The smart silo/hopper weighing solution uses the latest double shear beam technology. The system facilities compression weighing, provides a low profile and is totally sealed assembly making it ideally suitable for medium to high capacity silo and hopper scales. The unique couple design provides accurate inout signals to the state-of-the-art electronic control thus ensuring a simple, safe and accurate weighing system essential for accurate inventory management in most types of industries and environments.
  Double shear beam load cell with capacities ranging from 5t to 100t
  Hermetically sealed, fully welded load cell with IP 68 protection
  Integral jacking bolt for fast and easy installation
  Ability to withstand 100% side load. Suitable for weighing systems with mixers and agitators
  Mouting arrangement limits movement to allow thermal expansion, contraction and lift of protection
  Integrated Human Machine Interface(HMI) for interactive monitoring and alarm configuration
  Optional Silo Level Monitoring Software for data acquisition and remote monitoring
  Provides real time data input neccessary to accurately monitor storage inventory
  Critical iPADAS input data provides real time reporting of storage inventory

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