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Automated Sterilizer Door, Integrated Drawbridge & Articulated
Indexer Control System

Product Description:
Dolphin's Automated Sterilizer Door, Integrated Drawbridge and Articulated Indexer Control System is designed to replace the manual operation of sterilizer door opening/closing and locking/unlocking and the automated movement of cages in and out of sterilizer chamber. It is considered a major step towards improving safety and cage handling productivity.
  Dual hydraulic cylinder actuation facilities sterilizer door locking/unlocking operation and the hydraulically actuated door opening eliminates the necessity for operators to be in the vicinity when doors are opened and closed.
  The cantilever drawbridge and ontegrated counter balance valve ensures the cantilever drawbrigde can maintain a holding position at any time in the cycle.
  An incorporated flow control valve ensures a smooth and slow cantilever bridge operation.
  The articulated indexer ensures the smooth mobilization of low or high capacity cages.
  The hydraulic level leakage sensor provides immediate alarm in the event of overflow or leakage of hydraulic oil.
  The built-in sequential interlocking ensures safe and guided operation.
  Ensures the safe and productive operation of the sterilizer opening/closing and cage movement during door operation and cage movement.
  Significantly reduces operator work load and improves productivity.

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